Reflection and…

The canteen at camp and away we go.. Money is deposited at the start of camp and your account begins. Lifetime memory with a message in a bottle. The sensation of walking over to choose licorice, a new Spaulding or chips is alive and well in the present. Our first bank account, a lesson in finance and counting numbers. 

Fast forward to double digits, counting 7’s and yes that 8 card fit. Reinvent words that compliments these days of wine and roses. Well here we go, Silly Seniors, card room cuties, lucky ladies, the wonder-full years. ” Someday we’ll build a home- On a hilltop high, you and I- Shiny and new, a cottage that two can fill. And we’ll be pleased to be called- “The folks who live on the hill.” Lyrics and music by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein. 

We came down to our winter place in the sun and fell into a “what does today have to offer” routine. We are back in camp. “Forget your troubles, come on get happy. What are you waiting for? The “will I be accepted, included, liked, asked back into the tennis game are recapitulated. We live  the emotions of being a 10 year old when cliques strong first came into play  The cool kids, hippies, artsy intellectuals, goody two shoes, girly girls (hello Elle Woods.) Primordial lessons continue -now carried on through Lena Dunham and her brilliance played out in “Girls” Next week is the beginning of the end of the series I watched with so many mixed emotions. I was thrilled as I followed the story of a young quartet of metropolitan women. I laughed through their hyper-entitled predicaments. Cried at the naivety and pain of broken dates, broken hearts. Lena, look after so many years I presume a first name basis, brought emotionally bone chilling experiences to the front of the screen weekly. 

Fast forward to the winter of our lives and how the fine line between comedy and drama is permeable. So for today, I choose the comedy part of the deal. I will walk the beach, pick up the new seashell that nearly pierced the bottom of my foot and save it for the shell framed mirror I will make with our granddaughter on our visit home. Can you say Golden?

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