Pray Today…

When the weight of my tool belt is weighing me down I “buckle.” Well not this time Mr. You are Not My President. We watched Ashton Kutcher open the Sag Award Show with well deserved political rhetoric, for one and all. The  award show was laced with cringing words of anger and sadness. Uncle Sam represented a manifestation of patriotic emotion. We will stand with him. “Your way” ok you nasty, hostility filled, sitting on a pile of crap, dysfunctional despot we don’t believe in you. Agree to disagree, ya think? I believe I got my point across, I can go on. Move over cause we will protest our way through the next four years. We know too well bullies in back alleys don’t let go easily. One more punch, one more try. If you’re bated you throw a harder hit and scream to get your point of view across. We will let you believe you’re winning and when your not looking and through elongated opposition something, just one thing, will trip you up and then, just then we will take our bloody weapons, walk away with beaded, sweaty brows and go home where we “all” belong. Run on sentence, my specialty. We are the land of the free because of the brave. Yes, you won this election you won’t steal our hearts. 

One thought on “Pray Today…

  1. Great post. He won the election but not by popular votes! He is disgusting ..a bully liar xenophobic Woman user, and inarticulate! Ugh!


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