This Year in Jerusalem

As the notices for Medicare came flooding in… in preparation for…it became apparent that this could be the start of something Big. The suggestion that the bills could get higher as the pace of life got slower. The federal government was going to help pay for medical care. Ok- so as I saw it, this was either a warning to tread lighter, don’t fall and sign up for activities where the majority of time you are sitting. Or get busy, busier, busiest.

I got busy! Put my musings in a printed format, had it published. I cared less about the reviews and more about the accomplishment. Perhaps the accomplishment was caring less. Some of the people, some of the time. Writing is one activity I look forward to as the thoughts pour out of me. Yes AARP, while I’m sitting down. Ira planned a trip, with knowledgeable input from our family to Israel. He took out his Tallis which I’ll be shrouded in when I stand strong with women also in Prayer, Davining, Tefilah, Birkat Ha-Mazon. My wallet now has an AARP card, a Medicare card and an official I am an Author card. I acknowledged my fragility going forward in a positive and delightfully expressed fashion. 

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