Agree to Disagree- Three Words…

The three’s in life. Three on a match. The I love you’s. See you later. Wait 3 weeks, 3 months, heard that last night. Three friends, 3 couples awkward combo. “Would you Rather?”- shout out to David G. The could be betters, the not right nows and the you never knows- add them to the list. One more time. Bad news comes in three’s- oy. Let it be. How are you? Omg- says so much. Away we go- can you believe, and not right now, use them often. Just one minute, you’re kidding me, one more day, one more hour, one more second. 

Alexei, he’s just 8 years old said to me, and I quote- let’s have fun before it’s World War “3.” You know Judy bad things are going to happen to our country. You heard right he’s 8. They get their homework done, he had to read a chapter book and write a report. They get up early Sunday for basketball, and they worry about war. Short of the days where we had drills and going under your desk was the “drill”-we face the music. The late Leonard Cohen’s, Hallelujah, sung by Kate McKinnon is only the beginning. 

Andy Borowitz and I quote “the majority of Americans hope this decade turns out to be a dream sequence from which they will soon awake.” Shout out to Caren for the introduction. And so Bettie Ann what song do we play after we listen to “Turn it off” over and over? Perhaps we just say “Stop it” – as so many of us wish we could. Just in case we are not on the same page of the constitution – we can agree to disagree.

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