Pro- no good choice?

Trustworthy vs. Competent? Bottom feeding through to elect a leader for the land of the free, because of the brave. Uber drivers who opened doors are now crossing the borders illegally, so we find out for a job. Just who is opening the doors? So Trump was reeled back in and pandered his way through telepromoter. Albeit more contained, he still got in his nasty philbustering against his opponent. On and On and on to what? No class president? When a competitive race becomes a blood sport, is cauterizing the only mode of termination? 

Are we watching housewives of The United States of What?

Enough- on to Eugene O’Neil, so don’t stop now. On Tuesday Eve we gazed through glorious moments as Jessica Lange portrayed Mary Cavan Tyronne in Long Day’s Journey into Night. She characterized a woman struggling through a lingering drug addiction as a result of loosing a child. With guts, no glamour she goes from one day into the next in a stream of a semi-conscious existence.

Her depiction of character fostered by a startling actorial pedigree, was palpable and award deserving. “When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired” only then does transitioning have a chance. She was sick and indeed tired but change never seemed available. In the case of Eugene O’Neills heroine her only means of survival was to put herself in a medically induced case of insouciance. The sub-plot of the play was of a family in distress and ultimately glued together through tragedy. 

How tragic when families can’t glue their way back to whole. Often chemistry has very little to to with genetics or blood. With no mandate for family vows even “crazy glue” won’t work when the going gets tough. When you’re connected by lineage and bloodlines the sense of immediacy and bonding would seem apparent. Often the weight of dysfunction at the helm bears too big a burden for group repair. When the option for emotional survival is scaling the bottom for survival crumbs or starving for hugs, you learn to dive deep. Wow- just saved some time in a languid therapy session.  

In geometry, a tangent is a line that touches a curve in one spot but doesn’t intersect it anywhere else. So we digress for the sense of unity. We try to regain some sense of connection as animalistic creatures and then call a friend and make a plan for lunch. So when the operative question, who we are voting is replaced with can you believe he/she was elected what will Morning Joe, Howard Stern or Rachel Maddow have us thinking this hard and this long about then? 

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