Un- titled

Mea culpa- I give up, give in and admit to my shortcomings. For everyone I’ve wronged I am sorry, for anyone I might have inadvertently pissed off I am regretful. Fair is fair and then you make an amends no matter what.So we show up, shoes shined and try our very best. Some of the people, some of the time as it goes. When you’ve  boomed ur way to the top of the roller coaster you get a broad spectrum view. The ride up the longest, the stay at the top the shortest, the ride down the quickest. We get one ticket! Profound as that may seem. L’shana tova tikatevu.

With the threat of stepping off a curb, being at the mercy of the other side of the weapon or drawing a bad luck health card –celebrating everything until further notice rings true. Doom and gloom- I think so. We are riveting with a hangover from just the “latest” tragic event. 100 plus people were on the way to the forum on a beautiful Saturday night. How grandly pathetic!

With no genius to the insight that we are a country riddled with time bombs for disaster, where do we begin? How does this end? So we begin today mourning and praying. There is hope that the there will be physical recovery for the survivors. And then what- a lifetime of emotional prison? Increments of healing that have no repair, just resolution.

We need to look after each other. Once again my beloved Bubby’s words come to mind. “Mamala look the other way-” if you get too close everyone smells (always chuckled at that one). “Forgive everyone everything” — well? We all have strengths and clay feet. Find your milieu and become a charter member of that club. Share your jacket with a friend in a cold movie. Give the last piece of cake and hug your dear ones – heart to heart- shout out to Aunt G. When there is one ticket left for the ride at playland – that too, give away. Embrace the knowledge you’ve done your best- and pray that it’s contagious. Go to the pulpit, bow your head and I repeat- L’ shana tova tikatevu.

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