L’dor v’dor

From one generation to the next. Traditionally books are passed down to the next generation. We gave Toby-8 yr.old a beautiful book that my husband had on New York Landmark Buildings. Toby is curious, and extremely well versed in a lot. The beauty of this as I see it- he Feels how intellectually endowed he is. Oh, Toby, I kvell. So he proudly carried this large, rather heavy book out the door with a smile that sang to us. He proceeded to tell us that passing on books is traditionally what families do. Out of the mouths…The play was thrown on summer. Ok let’s do it. Good time to clean closets and do a Karma cleanse. As long as we keep following seasons and don’t limp into third base we’re good. Change is inevitable and the transition zaps energy and certainty. So we try to stock up on sleep, keep social connections tight and tie the laces on our sneakers. We sell homes, kids move on and 10 year old boys don’t want soooo many hugs. Ah-men! We try to pay attention so we don’t miss the opportunity to take a joker on someone else’s tray. Luck is recognizing opportunity as we have come to see.

And I quote- “If Plan A isn’t an option, kick the crap out of Plan B.” This piece of advice was given to Sheryl Sanders (COO of Facebook), by her dear friend. One year ago, while on a family vacation her husband Dave Goldberg died suddenly. He was on the treadmill and a heart arrithymia took his life. Her heart stopped beating as well. 

Adages galore come to mind. Life on life’s terms. Life doesn’t always go in one straight line- only the good… so we fall down seven times and we get up eight. 

When we are on the movie line and the sign goes up “this show is sold out,” 

 We view it as an easy paradigm for plan B. Next time we will order tickets on line and walk right in. We kicked in an alternative and appropriately watched La Cage Aux Folles. Our take away song because “we are who we are,” was 

“The best of times is now- so hold this moment fast, and live and love as hard as you know- as for tomorrow we’ll who knows, who knows, who knows. Wednesday we will start with watering the plants-they need us!

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