AARP- An Adult Rearranging Priorities

“Do u know where ur going to do you like the things that life is showing you? My take away song from the movie Mahogany in which Diana Ross plays a woman (Tracey Chambers) who works in a Chicago garment factory. Her dream is to one day become a celebrated fashion designer. From Tracey Chambers to Anna Wintour? The italicized line from the movie resonates so deeply across the board.” Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with.” Last eve I chowed down sushi and sake with a few predictably exciting, “share it with”friends. We so look forward to the catch up ” We listen and help prop each other up as we quickly share our injustices in between sips. We talk about “life and love as old friends do.” A line from “Old Friends”- a delightfully melancholy song that Michael Feinstein recorded. 

” But we’ll meet the year we’re 62. And travel the world as old friends do. And tell each other what we’ve been through. Our love is rare, life is strange. Nothing lasts people change.” The only thing that changes about our evenings is the location. 

So purging is the predecessor to partying. Our mini therapy, amongst us girls, helps us get from point A to point A+. We discuss turning injustices into disappointments- and then just Moving the hell on. To be sad is not to be productive. We stop each other as we perseverate on one of those things you can do nothing about. We chiropractically adjust each other emotionally, kiss good-bye and look forward to our next toast and jam session. New location- only requirement. 

So today think of the things you love to smell. The olfactory system is memory provocative. For me a candle that was just blown out, particularly a Rigaud (reine de la nuit) or Cypress scented. Adore the smell of Paper White Flowers. Love the smell of my sister Roberta’s pot roast cooking and cooking. Oh my, I would be remiss without recalling the smell of a newborn-head to toe. 

Last eve a recurring theme was living in the NOW. My friend is a Howard Stern listener. Yesterday Howard interviewed Rob Reiner. They talked about his new film “Being Charlie.” They talked about the “now” moment as they get older. For the naysayers who view the AARP years as rageing aging- I say phooey. The blast of memories as memory diminishes – oxymoron perhaps. How lucky to be hunting, gathering, collecting and tying them all together. Find your signature. Add the where we came from, bring along the songs and movies and then display your goods at the art show in Greenwich Village.. Btw that’s the Village to post baby boomers. 

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