Bring Your Own Pencil

Accentuate the positive, elimnate the negative.  From the chicken coop, to the Girl Scout troop

Take the lessons along the way, bring them around to grown up play

Learn a game or two or three, come on guys sit by me

Reparation for loneliness with a skip and a jump

Bring it around with a quiet like thump

Support groups and exercise- keep the endorphins in check

Lift your self-up no one likes a wreck

With good fortune and luck playing hide and go seek 

Exactly my sentiments as I now speak

What comes around when it’s 180 away

Will soon be on the forefront

Perhaps a day away

Monday blue and Tuesday who knew

With a wave of the wand and a turn of the page

Let wisdom and knowing plan the next stage

I salute the discomfort- it helps more than hurts

Put on a new sweater and take out that skirt

Get dressed for the party with no where to go

Create ur new karma accent your mojo.

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