Till There Was You

“There were bells on the hill, 

But I never heard them ringing

No, I never heard them at all

Till there was you.”

Lyrics by Meredith Wilson-1957 for The Music Man- Paul McCartney loved and incorporated the song into The Beatles repertoire. We heard this song performed at Broadway by the Year last week at Town Hall on West 43rd Street. The Antiquated theater couches precious jewels of entertainment. 

On the top of our list the bells, the jewels – our grandchildren. The noise, the tumult, the pita chips, the sticker books and the craft projects fill our hourglass. The artifact of time is what we have to carry from day to day. Gratefully we fill them up with the things we pray for as we eliminate the clutter and have the bugs fixed. 

The “till there was you” moments are here now as “the parade marches on.” We embellish the when you get it moments even if we just get a glimpse of how good it can be. Bronzing opportunities and saying hello in passing is taking life on life’s terms and sculpting success. A PH.D. of a sentence. 

So just for today let’s realize a dream we never dreamt. Perhaps some questions about the meaning of time and space will be answered tonight. Neil deGrasse Tyson moderates a debate we are attending at The Museum of Natural History. It’s an Issac Asimov tribute. The subject- Is the Universe a Simulation? Maybe a computer simulation. I suppose the answers we are seeking won’t be unfolded this evening. As we imagined all along they were right there with the “bells on the hill.” Only now we hear them. 


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