Short, but Oh! So Sweet

Distance yourself from the offender- the goal of the day, week, and happier New Year. When isn’t it prudent to take the first step toward wonderment? We stay above the fray, make sure our Vit. D levels are new guide appropriate, strap on our confidence and still proceed with caution. 

The times when we get hit standing still are unavoidable. When it’s them not us we question why the “them’s” are still around. There is confidence in knowing we can’t bubble wrap ourselves against the offenders so we accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives whenever we can. The “you know when you know’s” often play out in the “we should have know better’s.”

One more chance to scotch guard our feelings by meditating our way to lemonade. 

When drama adds trauma to our new found stability we bolt the hell out of there. At this point we have paid off our emotionally limiting mortgages, have a mortgage burning party and marvel at how the lemonade was there all along. The only inertia for going forward and shopping in the aisle of good and plenty is the treadmill of time moving under our clay feet. Why Wednesday? Because we can.  


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