The Dept. of it’s Always Something.

Blusterous beginnings , slow starts become the back drop to my new endeavor. My challenge is not allowing a chance mishap from becoming the pinion to my sails. With first day of school anticipation I enter my new life in a winter wonderland. Is it possible I’ll drag my old set of behaviors and guard my feelings with ironclad fists into this new arena? -yes it’s possible. With knowledge that the luxury of time is no longer my leading lady, it’s probable I’ll dance my way in. Old habits die hard even when Father Time is blinking at you. So I pick up where I started off and I “get busy.” I unwrap my new garb, call in some familiar faces and attempt, once again, to settle in.

The “will they like me,” will I get invited backs,” are part of my human mind set. Only now the “do I really cares,” and “how much does it matters” diffuse the intensity of my concerns. 

Enter laughing- as I layer up this experience with all that came before. I add this as one more activity, another game, a facsimile of my “real” life. But oh wait – this is my “real life”- for today, for now. So I take off the new labels from things I have waited to wear, I polish my new found confidence (a welcomed by product of my maturity) and I blow couture kisses at my day ahead. 

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