With Humor

Dear Abby, my husband threw out my shoes (Tory Burch black patent, open toe, wedges) after I fell flat on my face at 5:30 Sunday as I was walking out of The Boys – (vegetable and fruit etc. market in Del Ray). After 2 hrs. Plus at the Del Ray Medical Center and a set of X-rays to determine whether my nose was broken( it wasn’t your honor) he decided to do away with what they determined to be the culprit of my fall. When he looked at my blood stained shirt and Rocky Graziano looking face he said “Enough with these type of shoes- you were short when I married you blah! blah! and and third blah!”So Abby, my question is and it isn’t stated in my pre-nup – do you think I am entitled to a shoe replacement or should I just thank my lucky stars that my black and blue face is nothing but that? Thanks in advance, I am Judy Gomberg and I approve this e-mail. Ah Florida! I reached my quota of the unexpected. 

5 thoughts on “With Humor

  1. OMG!! You’ve fulfilled your quota for sure!! Gracias a Dios that you’re okay And…def buy a new pair that are a safer bet 🤔💗😉❤️

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