Whirlwind of a Snow Storm – That was the Week that Was

imageAs I reflect back on this past week there are several events that bring to mind the preciousness of life. Our week started with my husband beginning a siege of headaches. Cluster in nature, horrific in intensity and devastating in emotional grief. He was Strongly medicated and we moved on.We went on to stand with one of my oldest friend as he buried his wife of twenty-five years. She was fine in June of this past year and dead 6 months later. The ravages of a late stage cancer diagnosis. Right after this horrific funeral with hundreds of people listening to outpours of sincerity and love for this woman, who ostensibly, in theory “got hit by a bus;” – we picked up one of our loves-our three year old dream girl granddaughter and played through our day of mourning. Run on sentence, run on life. Once again the ying and the yang. More of the “as time goes by” moments. Boy, you can never overestimate the medicinal value of hugging a grandchild and watching them run into our lives. I mean, oh well, they put back the wind when it is knocked out of us. Moving forward I had a week of annual tests at my doctors. Always adding one more layer of anxiety and thank G-d relief. My husband then had a bad reaction to the medication he was on to help with his headaches and was told to abruptly stop. We are dealing with the lingering aftermath of that glitch. With all of our issues and “such is life” dealings- we hear the news of David Wich, the young man who was tragically struck by the crane amidst the “whirlwind of a snow storm.” A member of the kids congregation. As Rabbi Lookstein said “an absolute angel.” So I wake up early this Sunday morning about to begin a new week- I make the coffee, check to see that my husband is peaceful, hold my breathe and observe as our week unfurls. Hopefully my sister will be by my side as she was this week, my husband will get relief from the Best medicine- grandchildren crossing our threshold and dividing the ying from our yang.

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