Taking Our Games on The Road!

As something to look forward to in a new normal fashion I will relish my time around a table. Shuffling cards and remembering to take the talon will bring back the tactile component that is essential to the game of play. In our Chicken Little the Sky is falling reality, we geared up the electronics, dialed into our familiar voices and brought the game auditorily alive. Yes, it gets us through, yes it connects us to “the what used to be’s.” In the absence of masks and gloves, we are comfortably sequestered in our game spot on the couch. We bring our own drinks and snacks and we click away. We miss faces, although it feels like two months have aged us in the mirror two years. Perhaps it is the hue and the palor of limping through the malady that has claimed the world. So just for today, with an additional increment of hope, let’s visit our closet, check out our earrings and remember the everything old is new again adage. In short order we can be bringing our own coffee, and snack packing our way around a real live deck of cards.

Wishful Happiness

As we try to use every ounce of well being that we have to self soothe and remain calm in the face of “no end in signt” chaos we round out another week. The world is on hold while a deadly virus ravages through mobs of people and kills our society, rapidly. With an uncertain future we are left to pool our resources, find our comfort levels and help each other with what we have left at the end of the day. Pushing aside differences and judgments we need to live with the motto “we are all in this together.” Our needs are fundamental in a no frills way. As we assemble the pieces of the puzzles we seek to create better pictures then what lingers right outside our front doors. With the new vocabulary of social distancing adorned with masks and gloves, we have replaced after dinner mints with mini purell bottles. Fridays come quickly, weekends last longer. The familiarity of Saturday Night Live characters, albeit zoomed into our homes, comforts us in a dependable way. We are all substituting our daily go to’s with virtual everything’s. Just for today let’s find enjoyment in our muffins, do our hair and focus on Making someone else’s day better.

One Day Later…

We wipe off the counter, we swifter the floor
Everyday feels like the one before
We are doing our best to stay safe inside, is there something to share when we won’t have to hide?
Cooking the dinner and setting the table
A walk on a sidewalk, when will we be able?
The yogurt at Bloomy’s one place we will run
When we can get out and reclaim some fun!
A car ride to no where would be such a pleasure
Next Thursday a lunch outside a great treasure
Show us in some way you really are keen
Give us a swab, a test, a vaccine
Our journey’s not over all though it’s been halted
We long for a coffee shop, a burger a malted. At 7 o’clock we yell out with pride, for our health care community who have been by our side And when the day comes for us to bolt out the door, we will hit the ground running, like never before. Let’s all pray to G-d that the world as we know it, will grow kinder and warmer and we will be able to show it. A disaster of immense proportion we are sharing, with promise and strength let’s re- define caring.

When They Blow The Whistle at The Gate!

We long for days where we can walk barefoot early in the spring, and stay that way later into the fall.
We would dance more and ride merry-go rounds. Picking daisies towards end of day will be a treasure. We hope to have a more passionate relationship with our freedom. We will consider everyday a blessing and feel our days have been gifted to us. Days of Glory! We will value the benefits of linking with other people and hopefully know we were lucky to have come through this in one piece.

Let them Eat Cake!

Ina, Ina the ultimate Dinna- we’re stuffing the chickens, we’re making the pies- can’t even imagine the width of our thighs. Your flowers are blooming, your smile so strong, so how you and Jeffrey Really getting along? We’re thinking of popovers from Silver Palate Days- depends on the hour, depends on the day. As long as we’re distancing from our own malaise, we’ll take out the pan and follow your ways. We are cooking and drinking – and ordering our meat and every so often we’ll bake up a sweet. Your reruns we’re watching as you cook with aplomb, we’re shaking martinis measuring more then a thumb. When all this is behind us and you open your door we trust you’ll be smiling as you set the table for Four.

Roll The Dice and Begin The Game!

We set the tables- one for a game of play the other for lunch. Check with Sonos, our unwavering music pal, fill the coffee table with treats, unlatch the door and wait with anticipation for the women to arrive. The day is analogous to moments of enjoyable pleasures we have gathered along our journeys. We aim for cheerful friendliness. With zero ambiguity and the absence of pushy tactics we roll the dice. Celebrating our time together is optimum. Yes we compete but know that ultimately “Everyone Wins.” After our day of play a friend and I debriefed our time together. Her mother, who also played the game, gave her a sound piece of advice. She told her above all to make sure you really enjoy the ladies you sit down with. This is ultimately how I live my life now. Weeding out disappointments, striving for better fits. Merely overlooking much more. We bask in treasured certainty- pleased, proud… Amazed at how good it can be- astonished by it’s capacity for sudden bursts of brilliance. “Fill my heart with song and let me sing forevermore.” Let’s make it a great day! Again soon, short term goal #justhavefunseries.

Look for The Forest -through the Trees! Repost

Norman Lear’s line in Carl Reiner’s documentary on aging “If You’re Not in the Obit, Eat Breakfast,” says so much. His credo is find your “hammock” and live in the “now.” As he sees it the transition of time in between the “ok it’s over, to what’s next, is when his productivity kicked in. 

HBO launched the show, catch it if you can. Mel Brooks is funny, Dick Van Dyke dances, Norman Lear is brilliant,  Carl Reiner hosts. They are all Nonagenarians.

A big take away message is if you spend too much time working off disappointments and complications you will be one miserable soul. Excuses hold no water when they are used without discretion. Limiting your “woe is me’s” gives you more time to go for the gold. Get hugged, get attention where the tariff is reciprocal and strong. “And I love you so.”

The future might be an assumption but when you “find yourself in times of trouble ,” find your version of Mother Mary and become the ambassador of your estate. One thing the long “livers”had in common, whether or not chopped “liver” and french fries were mainstays, is that they fell in love with lots of things. They attached passion to their activities. Cole Porter, hit it- “The night is young, the skies are clear-So if you want to go walking dear. It’s delightful, it’s de-lovely, it’s delirious. Make it a good one!

We Fell Asleep in One World and We Woke Up in Another!

As I often theme my writing with the concept of “just do it now” I am traditionally reflecting back on the year just lived. Some days our get up and go is pro forma. Our time to make the donuts occurs in a knee jerk fashion. Some days our knee jerks. My Bubby Chicken, for those in the know- phrased the difficult times with a “just look away mamala.” Oh Bubby I believe now more then ever that your schmaltze and sugar laden food added wisdom to your 95 years. You didn’t exercise, but you never sat down. You worked the majority of your life and when you stopped formally working you worked at whatever you did. As you gathered your loved ones around the table, your emotional nutrition sustained us and your cooking created memories that still linger. We talk about your baking as treasures. We reminisce about your traditions and the intensity is still palpable. How lucky my sisters and cousins were to have Our Bubby Chicken. So at this time when uncertainty and fear is being served up in prodigious proportions, we turn our daily prayers to a time where panic, disorientation and the certainty of loosing lives is not sitting first row first seat. Why not exhume your Grandma, Grammy or Bubby memories. Hanging with her babies and watching them grow into themselves was her Pilates, her group therapy and our legacy. So Bub, here’s to our days gone by. We carry you in our hearts and tapping into your Sechel gives us reasons to believe especially when we loose our way. When we played musical chairs and the music stopped, you pulled over one extra chair so we all stayed in the game. And by the way I spend more time “looking the other way,” as my knee jerks.

Really People Really

People complaining on social media about things being canceled due to corona. ….. I wish you could see what we see on a daily basis. #countyourblessings#endrant
My precious 28 year old niece is a trauma unit nurse at Westchester Medical Center. She excels at what she does and was assigned to help run the corona unit when this pandemic exploded. This was her post (see above) today at lunchtime on social media when she took a break from adjusting the percentage of air flow into her patients lungs who breathe because of a machine. Without explanation further- we all know the limitations and change of life lifestyle we have succumbed to because of this virus. So stop complaining when the brand of hand wipes you ordered was substituted with another one or your canasta game was kicked off line because of high volume. Oh -and while we are all taking precautions in whatever way we find comforting or respectful so as to not spread the virus, let’s understand that we are all gropping in the dark trying to do the best we can to work toward the same goal. Safe and sound in whatever way we can. All for one and one for all. Forgive everyone everything- especially now. The disease is killing us as a nation, lend a hand whenever you can.