Fun Friday-Euphoric recall!

B.N. Before Netflix-

On some “Grey” days we binged as Mc Dreamy took care of Don Draper
and diagnosed it as just too much day drinking. We were left confused after Sam Seaborn ( Rob Lowe) exited the West Wing, while salivating over Carmela’s “Sunday Sauce.” Yum to those meat-a -balls.

When corned beef and pastrami meet on the corner of Potato Knish and Dr. Brown’s Soda. They bump into the Salami on rye with deli mustard sandwich and all get ready to watch as Mr. Ed whispers to Ozzie and Harriet a cute story about (ok who remembers their neighbor?) Thornyp- Played by Don Defore. Yup! They are meeting over at Donna Reed’s house to watch the Beaver and his brother Wally take on Ken Osmond a.k.a. Eddie Haskell in a game of H-O- R- S-E, in their driveway. After a pot luck dinner with bread pudding for dessert they will sit around the piano and sing out loud with My Little Margie, Aunt Bee who is getting a ride over with Barney and being escorted by Opie. Oh “kay” then. They take out the game of Clue and wait for That Girl ( Marlo Thomas) to be Bewitched by (Elizabeth Montgomery) all the while Ann Sothern, who came with Don Porter is taking the minutes of the day until Eddie Albert shows up with the fur clad, diamond bearing Eva Gabor from their Green Acres Pad. A good time was had by all and in their game of Clue they played until Jim Backus announced “I Married Joan,” and they all agreed that everyone Loved Lucy. The category is Sitcoms in the Sixites. We’ll take Columbo for $1000.00 Please. And I quote – “Just one more thing. There’s something that bothers me. One more question to my Wife. What did you pay for those shoes? Make it a great Friday!

As We Travel On!

Avinu Malkeinu-

There are no more weeks or week-ends. The articulation of time within each day has become more specific and eloquent than ever before. We have traded the shape of every week for the architecture of the hours.

We Pray for our families Health first and foremost. We pray for our dear friends struggling to maintain a quality of life while fighting diseases that are working against their struggles.  We pray for accessible provisions to help the unstable and emotionally challenged. We pray for radical revisions in gun laws. Reposting this piece – now, more than ever it has a fervent ring to it. 

I hope when I read this at 90, G-d willing, I am smiling. I pray that I used up whatever talents I had. I’ll then know my soul was soothed along the way by the things that gave me satisfaction. Whether it was a piece of writing, doing an art project or cooking a couple of great meals I will be happy knowing I did these things over and over again. Please let my loved ones outlive me. Biding adieu to the precious people who helped my heart skip beats would be treacherous. An octave of my music stopped every time I lost someone- the pain excruciating. Selfish, albeit protective. When my time with someone was up I hope I knew when to walk away. In turn, I hope I quickly saw their part in my journey was completed when they walked. Lingering wasted time- to be sad was not to be productive. Perhaps I learned a lesson, or just my share of bad luck. When given the chance to assist those who were less fortunate I would like to be reading that I paid it forward. Whether it was a hand me down of medical experience or protecting a beloved through a stormy moment; I hope I gave it with love and honesty. I hope my relationship with my sister’s ultimately became very good for longer than it wasn’t so good. I loved them indeed. I hope my husband got that I did my best as a refugee of lost wars emotionally. I hope he felt the love through my actions. I pray my nieces knew my love for them was fierce in every way. I can’t imagine our grandchildren won’t just know how much they helped make my life wonderful. As I am reading this fast forward- my desire is to see that I made people laugh. Perhaps not everyone got my humor or saw the funny as I did- but I loved to laugh and got a kick out of silly. I know it kept me healthier and happier then be-moaning a fate not loaned to me. 

As far as jealousy, I hope I recognized how blessed I was. No one gets it all, but I believe I had a dose of great that propped up the not so great. If I hurt people’s feelings I hope they knew it was out of insecurity and with no malice or forethought. If I am reading that I became a fan of exercise, ate more vegetables and bettered impulse control I will be thrilled.

With all this said I hope that I found a place in my charity of choice where a good deal of who I was lingered. Giving was more rewarding than receiving. Carrying that thought with me allowed for the powerful self concept that kept me focused on the prize of my Life! And if I am unable to read this I hope one of you are reading it to me. I held you dear.

One Day at a Time!

Rummaging around the terrace for fruits of our labor. We’ll share a piece or two with our friend and our neighbor. And I quote David Whyte- “the ultimate touchstone of friendship is witness, the privilege of having been seen by someone and the equal privilege of being granted the sight of the essence of another, to have walked with them and to have believed in them, and sometimes just to have accompanied them for however brief a span, on a journey impossible to accomplish alone.”

Keep it Simple!

Sing out Doris Day.

“When I was just a little girl I asked my mother what will I be.
Here’s what she said to me,
Que sera, sera, whatever will be will be.
The future’s not ours to see,
Que sera, sera,
What will be will be.”

And then she let go of my hand and “what will be” became what is.

How much easier life would be if we had a crystal ball for which to see.
The future would unfold before it came.
Minus the struggles, our choice, our game.
Challenges and misfortunes factored into the mix.
Gave us our backbone our strength to behold.
What’s Good for The Gander is what we’ve been told.
But just for a moment with a dream in place.
Take away the name, add a new face.
With hopes and prayers and promises intact.
With less of that and more of this.
The hardships, the strife wouldn’t be missed.
We have learned so much and gained even more.
As fate unfurled, at our front door.
The cards were dealt, we carried out the plan.
A divine order in place, sensibility kicking in.
We focused and kept our eye on the win.
“When I grew up and fell in love
I asked my sweetheart, what lies ahead.
“Will we have rainbows,
Day after Day.
Here’s what my sweetheart said.
Que sera,sera,
What will be will be,
The future’s not ours to see.
Que sera, sera.”& 1
Make it a great Tuesday- you got this!