Unetaneh Tokef

Unetaneh Tokef

What shall stay and what shall go?
Boxing up closets and dresses from the 90’s.
Pack, give, donate categorically, here try these.
Lots of good shoes our feet no longer like.
Sweaters and shirts that look awfully tight.
No longer play tennis, hence sneakers galore.
Throw out the excess on this we implore.
Glance quickly on the memories attached to ties and cravats.
Put in the pile marked “we almost forgot.”
No longer question the where, when or why’s.

How many socks do we need to stockpile?
The beige, green and yellows are really quite vile.
No longer go sleeveless so get rid of that look.
Culottes, anything madras, tennis sweaters in the-to be took.
( I know correct tense counters- but it rhymed.)

How many black skirts does a girl really need?
In the give away pile we clearly agreed.
Shirts that sported cuff-links a thing of the past.
Held so many evenings that were really a blast.
We are not shedding memories, just getting rid of the clutter.
I really want those suspenders under his breath, he did mutter.
Pin-stripped blue suits worn on days spent in court.

You know when you know when changing locales feels “just right.”
Don’t hold on to lacoste tee-shirts, they are really too tight.

So back to the pj’s with holes everywhere.
Sorry not keeping, not precious, not dear.
Mark on the boxes “please enjoy our formal gowns.”
Keeping our eyes on the future in the absence of frowns.
How bout the britches, oh the horses we rode.
Savoring the memories, with more to unfold.
Ok then, it’s time close up the box.
Sneak one more peek.
Bell bottoms which were over the top.

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