Shall We Play- Tra la la

Shall We Play? Tra la la

We’ve just been introduced.
I do not know you well.
But when the cards were shuffled.
Something drew me to your side.
I sensed we could be friends.
Share a joke or two.
It made me think we might be— Similarly occupied.

Shall we play? Tra la la
Shall we still sit together,
And depend upon each other?
On a clear understanding that we signal with the 7’s? remember to count aces.
Shall we play?
Shall we play- shall we play?

Shall we play? Tra la la
Shall we turn on the music,
Shall we try?
Shall we go down with four jokers and hope our partner matches.
And just go for a mere per chance.
With a clear understanding that this kind of thing can happen, shall we try and then try and then try.

When the last little 3 has left the deck.
Shall we still play together,
Staying tethered to the table
And show up with a poker face?

Cause we know we are better.
For engaging one another
So we played and we played and we tried.

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