Les Miserables No More🙏 Take Two.

Les Miserables No More🙏Take two.

I dreamed a dream in time goes by,
When life returns to more forgiving.
I dreamed no masks were in our sight,
Except on Halloween with candy giving.

When we were young and unafraid,
When hugging Grandpa posed no limits.
Our days galore of fun and games,
When looking both ways before we crossed, our aim.

But the virus came along,
The impact soft as thunder.
As our worlds soon fell apart,
And our days left without their wonder.
We lived our life while stuck inside.
Our hopes and prayers put on back burners.
-Still here as autumn came.-

We slashed our plans to party on.
Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs-no where in sight,
No children at the Bema.
No hope for brides in white.
-All of this was gone.-

And now we hope our life will be,
With ”better off” not just a fable.
We will raise a glass or two.
Pulling chairs up to the table.
A little nova, an Everything bagel.

The days now growing longer.
Punxsutawney Phil did see his shadow.
We’ll grab a moment to reflect,
The advent of shots not narrow.
We have come to see our way,
So much hope and much more promise.
We’ll buy a dress, a pair of shoes,
Make sure to grab our tallis.

As life is coming back,
Adding color to our palette.
In one more hour, one more day.
As life resumes -We’ll Hope, we’ll Pray!

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