Yes Please!❤️♣️♦️♠️

Early in the morning as I sit upon the couch
Not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse (G-d forbid)
With two shots in and the door slightly opened
We are grabbing our enthusiasm 
Widening our scope and we’re hope-n
As we try on our pants 
Closing the zipper all the way,

Let’s give it a try and throw in a pray
Emancipation on the way
And excitement to play
Ring the door bell, step inside
Won’t run, can’t hide
In the absence of social
For one very long year
As time marches on
We hold it precious and so dear
Can’t wait for a snack, maybe two, three or four
Have our stash of toothpicks haven’t needed before 
So let’s do it my friends, who have been very far
Although ten blocks away, we sat perched upon a star
So if you go down with Aces,  a clean canasta you will need 
We’ll cut each other slack
In the absence of greed
Like a monumental moment 
We’ll take a few pictures, maybe more

And just maybe, who knows appear in the rotogravure.

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