Don’t pick the side with the long odds. Thank g-d for modern medicine, scientific metrics being so advanced and Dr. Fauci. He became our symbol and pedagogue for hope.
As upperclassmen who are AARP card carriers, and eligible for over 65 senior discounts, we qualified for early eligibility to be vaccinated a few weeks ago. With the 2nd vaccination in and the side effects of the shot behind us we have new, first time after we got vaccinated feelings. Watching children as they accomplish something for the first time or take a taste of a new food they “yum”about is a favorite pastime. This new beginning of opening up access to our long learned activities of pleasure and enjoyment only makes us realize- “we got a lot of living to do.”
Blessings counted and appreciation levels pumped up high. This lesson, perhaps in disguise, make us know even more now then ever how precious and precarious life is. Make it a good one. Oh, and if we run into you over frozen yogurt at Bloomy’s let’s share the “yum” as though it was our first time moment. Hashtag -“All for one and one for all.”

2 thoughts on “🙏

  1. GO JUDY!!! You rock.
    We get our first vaccine this Saturday…
    Here are some valentine flowers Iam sharing with my buddy { you} M


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